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Whether you're new to football or looking for a new start with a great club, come and check out what we have to offer at the Dolphins - we have a fantastic supportive culture both on and off the field and with great female friendly clubroom facilities at Overport Park, there is no better place to play football in 2024, so come down and meet the coaches and join the pod!


Season 2022 saw our Women's team promoted to Division 1 having finished 2021 on top of the Division 2 ladder. Whilst this was a big step up for our young team in the early rounds, the level of improvement throughout the season under the guidance of our very experienced women's football coach Brendan "Boomer" Birmingham was fantastic, resulting in us defeating finals bound teams in the latter half of the season. 

So if you're looking take your footy to the next level contact Boomer 0438 903 333 for more details.


For more information or to express interest in playing or support roles please complete the Expression of Interest form on this page.


November - December:

Commences Tuesday 8th November.
Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm - Baden Powell Reserve Frankston South

Recommences 31st January to February

Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm - Baden Powell Reserve Frankston South

Under 18 players are welcome to join in.


March - September:

Tuesday & Thursday 6:00pm - Overport Park Frankston South


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A bit about the Women’s Seniors coach - A message from "Boomer"


My name is Brendan Birmingham, but please call me Boomer (it’s a long story).

I have over 10 years of experience coaching girls and women’s football. I became involved in girls footy when my daughter asked to play at 14 years old. She is now 25 and is still playing. That first season I was runner, orange boy, water boy, scorekeeper, boundary umpire etc. I was eventually promoted to Team Manager, Assistant Coach and now Coach. Every year I was able to coach our team to finals and a few grand finals. I then moved on to coaching Division 1 women in the SEWF, again making finals each year. I am level two qualified. A few of my ex-players are playing and coaching in the VFLW and AFLW.


I am player focused, with player welfare being extremely important to me. My coaching philosophy is that to get the best out of our players, they must enjoy training and playing. Our training is structured in a way that enables players of any level to learn valuable skills and tactics, but also lets you (and me) enjoy ourselves. I want you to want to come to training. That doesn’t mean we don’t take training and games seriously. You’re expected to switch on and train like we play. It just means that when it’s appropriate, dad jokes will be had. I like the saying, ‘Playing is fun, but it’s more fun when you’re winning’. External and Club social events are an important part of my coaching as they allow us to bond as a team.

I prepare a game plan at the start of each season and coach to the game plan, so every player knows in what direction the team is heading, and what is expected of them. You will receive a copy of the game plan. It explains how we will move the ball, defensive tactics, forward line movement etc. Players are coached on both skills and tactics. Where possible, players are coached on how to play their specific position. Forwards how to play forward, mids how to play mid, backs how to play back. Ideally, I want you to be able to play two different positions as this gives us some flexibility, and helps you if you desire to play at a higher level.

Each training session has a prepared session plan, so every coach is on the same page and teaching the same thing. We don’t do drills for the sake of doing a drill. All of our drills and training somehow relates to the way we want to play the game. Regular briefings are held between all staff to ensure the players get the best out of us. I rely on our staff to help achieve team and club goals. We are there for you, not the other way around.

I am very excited about being involved with the Frankston Dolphins FC. The Committee are extremely supportive of women’s football, which from past experience at other clubs, is rare. The new club rooms and facilities are awesome. We have all coaches and staff ready to go, and are ‘ALL IN’ for 2022.


Take care and we hope to see you in 2023.


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